Magic of the Seasons

Something written mostly for a class last year. ——- I’ll admit, When I was little, Winter was magic. The bellowing winds and slow drifting snow were prime examples of natural miracles. The latest and earliest season was built on snow angels and games of hide and seek with the clouds and the sun. There were […]

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A short story for a project sometime… Um, Last year, I think? Warnings: Minor Cussing and Violence. – – – – – – – And that was that. There was a pointed blade mere inches from his face and blood diluted by rain sliding down the side of his face. He’d lost the fight, the […]

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This list is susceptible to change at any moment. These are prompts I put up here for myself to strike off as I use them, but feel free to use some yourself if they strike your fancy! Please let me know if you use one of the specific ones, I’d like to give it a […]

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